The river revisted

1 hr - Ran the River route again, but this time took new field support rep and room mate Andrew Collins. We took a path trying to retrace the way I came home the other day. We ran about 9 min miles was my guess. Andrew has done some adventure style races and mud runs, … Continue reading The river revisted

Adelaide solo run

1 hr 15 min - This morning I left the hotel to run as it was still dark. Not knowing which way to go, I figured that the path surrounding the stadium oval I could see from my room was a good place to try for. It was under construction, with an older soccer pitch … Continue reading Adelaide solo run

Taking the day as an opportunity.

20 miles. I don't get many Mondays off she the rest of the working world is at it. I decided that since my weekend was spent in transit to and from Tampa, today would be my long run. The 3 weeks from your marathon long run everyone is supposed to do. I drove to Loggerhead … Continue reading Taking the day as an opportunity.