Cooler and dedicated

7 miles. I came early to find only one car in the lot before me… A girl that ran the first half lap with me in the parking lot. Hannah was new to the running schedule but I’d seen her at the track workouts, she is looking to do a few local runs and is training well. I told her about the new half marathon training group we are starting Wednesday night, she was interested and said she may attend. When we started running on the hill, she said I could go faster if I wanted. I said I’d stay and talk with her, but at the top of the hill she was tired at our pace so I went ahead. I ran all of my laps solo, seeing friends and enjoying the breeze from the west. This was a great day to run alone at my pace. I skipped last week because I didn’t want to prolong ankle and knee issues after the 50 miler, but today felt fine. I got water every 2 miles, kept a healthy pace up and down the hill and felt good at the end. I look forward to the cooler mornings and the dedicated, “This makes me improve” type of workouts I get when I do the bridge with a purpose!

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