Stretching things a bit

4 mi. I arrived and the group had just begun warming up. It was a still morning, the benefits of October weather still haven’t arrived. But they will. Days from now I’ll be writing about cooler weather, breezes and even less humidity. Maybe that’s from Australia.

Track is supposed to awaken the fast twitch side of things – that reluctancy in most runners to actually do what you once did every time you ran as a kid – GO FAST! I see the group I’m with changing – older runners slowing, new faster runners playing at the front. ONly 3 girls showed up today among 14 guys. NO terrific surprises today from Paul, on the intervals, although no one could guess what could possibly follow a 900m, really? Who runs an 1100? Today’s intervals I ran behind the middle of the pack. I found my right side footbed, plantar, etc. was tight and started to feel stretched during the second interval. That’s a hint to go under control and reaquaint the ankle, knees and muscles to run gait. No prize for today’s effort, but a good morning to put myself back on the road. A few days off have been good to resync and recover.

1 mi warmup
300m w/200m recovery
500m w/200m recovery
700m w/200m recovery
900m w/200m recovery
1000m w/200m recovery
800m w/200m recovery
600m w/200m recovery



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