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The beginning!

3mi. We started the half marathon training group tonight at Thirsty Turtle in Juno Beach. My biggest concern was, “What if only one person comes to train with us?” Wouldn’t a complete shutout – no runners – be the worst thing, the failure totale? Not for me, if no runners came out, I’d go home or in the Thirsty Turtle and have a beer. If one person came for the training,  envisioned Megan and I on each side of said runner, asking constant questions. “How’s the pace?” “Getting tired yet?” “Have you considered what you’ll be wearing on race day?” Thankfully, a good group came to run the first 3 miler around the Juno duck pond with us. Seven runners, Megan and I. We left and finished in the daylight, knowing that won’t last long, soon the time change will have us blinkey light equipped, cruising down A1-A in the dark. We stayed close as a group, talking and sharing stories. It was good to see that we had no issues with people thinking they couldn’t finish, all were perky and attentive until we returned to the parking lot. Some of us stayed for a beer and appetizers after the run, a few went back home or onto another event in their busy day. I was pleased knowing even more people wanted to come but for whatever reason could not. Both Megan and I received a few text messages and Facebook shouts from folks who were busy but will come out and run with us next week.

The roll towards December 8th has begun. All that talk about taking the first step being the hardest is true. I know the runners will enjoy their journey and hopefully achieve their goals along the way and of course, at the race Our first step towards legitimacy as a training group was reached today when the second person showed up to run with us. To the finish line we go!


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