The river revisted

2013-10-22 07.52.03
Billabong is an Aboriginal word for “mud hole.”

1 hr – Ran the River route again, but this time took new field support rep and room mate Andrew Collins. We took a path trying to retrace the way I came home the other day. We ran about 9 min miles was my guess. Andrew has done some adventure style races and mud runs, he was training for a big one so he was happy to wake up and join in. We didn’t have to be at the Expo hall ’til 9am, it was good of us to do this being that the next few days would not afford us the opportunity to run early again. The bridge path was nice, a breeze like the other day made the choice of a cotton top a good one. Parts of the river path on the east side aren’t accessible behind people’s yards so we went to the streets and ran next to the water and hopped back on the path when we saw a park with trails. We reached the suspension bridge and ran across it. Probably not what it was designed for, it wobbled and made steps tough to manage – like jumping on a trampoline with another person. But fun to try! We ran along the river and rain came with less than half of the run to complete. We dodged the stadium oval constructions scene and came over the same bridge I started yesterday’s run on. I walked around the convention center stairs, in through the main building, and across the street. We both showered and dressed, made it to Gloria Jeans for coffee and danishes as breakfast. Good scenery!


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