Bridge runnah

20131119-061739.jpg8mi. Today I was first to the lot, first to run, and first to encounter the high or drunk homeless guy at the water fountain and bathroom. He asked me if I knew what time it was, when I said (and showed him) I didn’t have a watch, he started to yell at me that,”I’d better have one next time, do you hear me?” That was enough for me – I saw  Lilia coming around the Harbormaster’s building, so I ran by her to make sure she didn’t drift over by this wacko. We ran away from him towards the cars and started the bridge laps. Lilia ran two with me, then joined Kylan and Lanae. I went solo for the remaining four laps and felt very good. A breeze from the west made one way better, but even the other direction was cooler than previous weeks. I had a good frame of mind and positive thoughts. Once others came I warned them it was one of thos e rare days when we had to make sure no one we care about got tangled up with the drunk guy. I finished solo and felt like I pushed a good pace today.

This run is very indicative of what anyone’s last 6 miles of a marathon is like. Tough on lungs and legs, demanding concentration and a clear head that can see the goal as larger than the obstacles.

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