More than I’d give myself

16mi. A new Garmin 220, a chance to do a long run with Yves, and a windy Friday afternoon. That’s the abbreviated version of today’s adventure.

We met at Loggerhead Park at 1:30, Yves first run on Juno and Jupiter Beach. He had completed 10 miles earlier today, his coach gave him a 2 hr workout at 7:12 pace. This morning he said he was tired from flying over from Brussels Wednesday night and that he’d be running slower. Good news for me, I would not be able to cook a 16 miler much faster if he wasn’t tired, jet lagged, etc.

We did 6 miles running south to PGA and back. Then up the Beach Road for most of the miles, to Guanabanas, down and shift over to the Inlet Park, and home. It was 1:56 of running, challenging due to speed and headwinds, but I am very happy I finished it strong. I brought some of the ProBar chews, they worked well. We stopped 7x for water along to way. My average pace as reported by the new Garmin was 7:16 per mile – very much the same as a 16 miler I had completed last year prior to Palm Beach Marathon (I think).  My legs feel worked and I’m ok with that. I don’t have to wake up early to run tomorrow, and I have an extra night to rest for Sunday’s Dolphin Cycling Challenge Ride with Jessica.

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