Long run with the Chicago folks

16 mi. Tom and Janet’s second 16-mile run tops out their Hansons-Brooks method schedule for the Chicago marathon prep. We did the last one together, followed by a breakfast at Maureen’s house. This time, we will have Mary Monks running some of the miles with us. And breakfast is at Toojay’s.

We started a little later than the 5:15 am meet up time, Janet and Tom brought everything for this one. Tom had a scale to weigh in pre and post run to track his fluid loss and consumption.

This time Tom, Janet, and Maureen had better plans to fuel during the run. Salt pills and things to eat before running made their 16 miles considerably better than last time. I had a salt pill at every 4th mile and some ProBar chewy blocks at miles 5 and 10. I put tri quick change laces in the New Balance Zante shoes after yesterday’s 10-mile run, they are better but still were too tight on my left foot. We had a small breeze from the north which was good. I think today’s start temp and humidity was better than yesterday’s run on the same route.

The road still has sand and storm junk on it, so stepping around or over things is necessary. I felt good after this one. My groin area is tight after today’s run, I should stretch that in a more focused manner. Tom and Janet gained a bunch of confidence for their race, which I will be witnessing from the sidelines.

The breakfast was very good, plenty of delicious food, just what I needed!


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