The toilet brush. 

 The first track workout after the storm. We had a Sheriff’s Office imposed a curfew, so the time was moved to 6 am. Seth, Steve and Mary Monks, and Franci arrived earlier and already started running. With Paul away in Boulder, Franci’s workout was to do a dozen 400m repeats with each one having a 100m recovery. I think we had 7 people doing these. I did not have a watch, my contribution was to suggest we alternate directions so we did 6 one way and 6 the other way.

The back of the track had many branches, pinecones, and needles on the track. Lanes #1 and 2 were cleaned by Franci before I arrived. Each time I finished an interval, I tried to find and remove the pinecones and branches. My vision in the dark is getting worse I discovered!

Our group did the 12 repeats – this is a good workout. I need to bring the watch or else I am just cruising around on feel. Usually, this is ok, but I’d like to have a number to shoot for on each segment so I don’t get slower as the intervals continue.

The most memorable thing about this morning was seeing Franci walking across the track with a toilet brush. She wanted to clear off more of the track, this “tool” was what she found and used.

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