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The toilet brush. 

 The first track workout after the storm. We had a Sheriff’s Office imposed a curfew, so the time was moved to 6 am. Seth, Steve and Mary Monks, and Franci arrived earlier and already started running. With Paul away in Boulder, Franci’s workout was to do a dozen 400m repeats with each one having a 100m recovery. I think we had 7 people doing these. I did not have a watch, my contribution was to suggest we alternate directions so we did 6 one way and 6 the other way.

The back of the track had many branches, pinecones, and needles on the track. Lanes #1 and 2 were cleaned by Franci before I arrived. Each time I finished an interval, I tried to find and remove the pinecones and branches. My vision in the dark is getting worse I discovered!

Our group did the 12 repeats – this is a good workout. I need to bring the watch or else I am just cruising around on feel. Usually, this is ok, but I’d like to have a number to shoot for on each segment so I don’t get slower as the intervals continue.

The most memorable thing about this morning was seeing Franci walking across the track with a toilet brush. She wanted to clear off more of the track, this “tool” was what she found and used.


Can’t park here

6 mi. Hurricane Irma came and went – and today was a morning to sprint on the hill. Maureen arrived first and told me the park was closed. We left our cars on the east side of the bridge in the parking lot of a closed bank. We didn’t do a real warmup, just a short jog to the entrance to Phil Foster Park, our usual starting point. Franci and Gary were also out for their Tuesday morning bridge runs, Franci took the photo featured here.

There was a breeze from the west, meaning the sprinting would be happening into that. It was still very humid, so it was a welcome breeze. I didn’t have a terrific feeling about how fats I’d be going, it was hot on the 3 laps of over and back. I did well for the 6 sprints, timing at 1:22, 1:22, 1:21, 1:22, 1:22, 1:21 with the last three in daylight. The park bathrooms were closed but I was able to rinse off with the shower before getting back into the car.

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