Solo Tempo

I did the 8 miles of tempo running at goal marathon pace — for a good amount of the run I was alone. I ran the warmup with John and Maureen, they decided to run the 8 mile “meaty” portion of the workout at Maureen’s pace.

I wore the NOXgear glow vest device for the first time. It was sized too large for me, so I had some instances where my arms became involved with the LED-lit tubing. I tried on Maureen’s size small once we were done, that was a better fit. It will be that size for me as this larger one is being returned and the small size sent as a replacement.

I did the 8 miles of tempo running well, I stopped once at mile 5 to adjust the chest strap and LED tubes. MY paces averaged to be 6:44 when done, here’s how they went:


I worked to get those splits, I know I had some help from cool weather. This workout was noticeably better than doing it in the middle of summer!

I won’t have Daniel on many of the testing interval runs like this, so getting sharp in my own head is important.


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