Recovery Bridge workout

8 mi. This run had me arriving not nearly as sore post-marathon as I would have been in previous years. The virtual edition of the Palm Beach Marathon was Sunday, Dec 13. That was a good effort, finishing at 3:54:47.

Upon arrival at Phil Foster park, I met with John, Maureen, Erin Kirkpatrick, and Scott Hicks. He said it was his first bridge run in ten years. Paul came into the parking lot in his Jeep, windows down and “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” playing loudly. Like the teenager is is!

I brought Scott up to date on the whereabouts of others he’d remember from when he last ran with us here. Chiara is running again, Charlotte is married and living in Seattle, Carolyn Stone doesn’t run any longer.

I did 6 slow and easy laps on the bridge, John and Matt K ran fast, as did Erin, who is in training for a 15 hour ultramarathon. I ran with Maureen and half a lap or less with Chiara who joined us. Mae, Lanae, and Rebecca also joined us running up and down the sidewalk.

I felt no soreness or pains on this important recovery run. I won’t try again until next week. I can rest and recover to prepare for a January restart of training for A1A Marathon in February and another marathon in March.

– dm


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