It’s chilly up there!

8.2 miles. Another Tuesday on the Blue Heron Bridge. For the second week in a row, we had the coolest morning of the week on a Tuesday and winds of 13 mph.

I wore a Tracksmith merino wool long sleeve shirt and a lightweight short sleeve T in neon yellow over that, in an effort to thwart the wind. Once I felt the breeze after I parked, I also wore gloves and a headband that covered my ears. Shorts were good enough for the lower half of my chilly self.

We ran a mile of parking lot warmup and cooldown to bookend 6 miles of the hill. Erin Kirkpatrick came to run the hill, she has registered for a 15 hour “run as much as you can” ultra in Colorado Springs. That race is in February, so she will be joining us on Tuesdays I predict.

It was good to run with Matt, Maureen, John, and to see Paul doing his laps this morning. 79 years old and nothing’s changed. Many of us still running up and down the best hill we know of.

And a warm Palm Beach marathon awaits this Sunday!


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