First long run of the summer

14 miles . Today we started at 6am from the Cineoplis parking lot in Jupiter for a long run on hills. This route has 3 mild hills on each lap out and back, so we get to climb 12 times.

Nicole and Daniel and I ran together, Maureen and Judy did some of our route and then went to the beach road to finish.

My hips have been getting tight, I believe it’s from prolonged sitting on weekdays. I have made a few changes to alleviate that and will add new hip and glute stretches to see if I can lessen this tight feeling.

Our 14 miles was in average conditions for a June morning, 79 degrees and 80% humidity. We were rained on after 5 miles, that lasted for 2.5miles, then the remaining miles we ran with wet shoes, socks, etc. You have to get used to anything in the training runs!

It was good to have Nicole along, she kept our pace and shared good conversations and stories. She enjoyed having us to run with vs, a solo long run in her neighborhood.

The miles pickup quickly in our advanced 75 mile per week plan. This past week I ran 57 miles. We will encounter long runs of 18 and 20 miles this time. New for Hanson’s cumulative fatigue, but this is what the advanced plans call for. Away we go!


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