A Saturday for long, slow distance.

The Jupiter Inlet turnaround point.
Here's where we spin around to go back to the store.

13mi. This was originally slated to be a 16 miler, but last minute pleas from Walter and Chiara had us start at 5:30am for 13 miles. I had a rare early little league game to be prepared for, this was an 8am start for John. I figured do the 3 miles first, meet the large group at 6:00am and do 9 minute miles to be at the store and done at 7:30am. NOT!

We had a slow pace around the duck pond for near 3 miles. It was dark, a chilly breeze for myself, Suzanne, Chiara, Adrienne and another girl I didn’t know. We positioned ourselves behind Erica and Rick for the first portion of the run, so we weren’t going too slow. We went to the store, I used the restroom, and we started late and had to catch the group. Thanks to Suzanne for waiting for me.  It was dark for more than half of the run to the inlet. We met up with another very fast triathlete that everyone knew except for me. I spoke with her most of the run back, I guess the others left her to hear me out… nice!

I finished at 7:45am, so I was slow. It was an ok run, I burned some calories and got a few miles on my new Asics Gel Kinseas. Mission accomplished.

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