Faster alone

8mi.  I can see how I’ll adjust to the inevitable warming that’s overdue for the morning workouts. It was 58 degrees, but windy from the west, so my first lap on the bridge was chilled. I had a tech t-shirt on, so it wasn’t that bad.  Jon was there, Adrienne and Angie, Randi Garvey, Gary, John Reback, Dave Reback, Paul Reback, Atilla and a few I don’t know.  Welcome back to Marty after a surgery. He hasn’t done hill workouts in awhile. It’s interesting to think that he has done so many Boston marathons on the same course I was training for, and at 45 I still haven’t done one!  The bridge was a good running workout today, I kept a good pace and finished the whole thing with cooldown earlier than usual.  I tried to concentrate on climbing well and not slowing my efforts on the downhill.  Good run, and I was ready for a Tuesday meeting and nice seminar and lunch after waking early and starting solo. I think this day I went faster alone.

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