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Calm riding

30 mi. I woke up early enough to make a ride before the predicted rain arrived. There was such a small wind it was negligible. I had a bottle of Accelerade mixed in cold water from the fridge dispenser. That didn’t last, it was warm before the half way point.

The roads were very empty and going up to Indiantown Rd I had good luck with the traffic signals – most were green or turning green as I arrived. I made it over the US-1 bridge and clear through to the Inlet. I had a Garden of Life Protein bar which I like, chocolate flavored something. Coming south, I felt some wind but nothing major. Still, my average speed coming up was 18-19 mph, what a slow session! The bike needs a cleaning and redo of the chain lube. I removed the aero bar pads to put them in the dishwasher. It will be good to shine it up and get everything running smoothly and silently again.


Remember me?

30mi. That’s got to be what my bike has been thinking as I open the garage door, park the car, and close the electric door again. All without removing the Specialized S-Works from its I haven’t been riding much – and when I do the cycling gods are paying notice. My speedometer, CatEye wireless dual or something, doesn’t register. I changed the battery after my last “zero metrics” ride and tested it to work fine – speed, cadence, etc.

Today I rode from home to the Jupiter Inlet. It’s a good ride when there’s little traffic. There was a wind from the west, but that only affected me heading back home for the final 4 miles on Northlake Blvd.

Yes, I have to repair or replace the CatEye thing. I’m not a numbers junkie, but speed? That I’d like to see while riding!


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