Long Lemon Run

The Girls of Lululemon Athletica come out to play.

20mi.  I’d say 58 degrees would  be ideal for that long run before a marathon. Walter & Chiara met me today at 5am, I arrived early and did 2 mi on the bridge first. We went to PGA and back, did not stop at the store, and ran to the inlet, back to the store and then I did the bridge one more time for 20 miles.  Chiara was not feeling well, despite her several threats to turn around, she did 16.  Walter finished with 10, he spun back towards the car at the turquoise roofs water stop.

This is how today went: In keeping with the long slow prep run philosophy, I ran slow, with tiny surges of speed when Chiara’s pace went quicker. On the way back from the inlet, I stopped to do an emergency restroom stop. I went in by the Jupiter Reef Club, but their bathrooms were locked. With no options nearby, I went into the tall seagrapes and made it happen. Yup, wiping with the green leaves.  This would have been the highlight of today’s run, or the weather, or that it could have been one of the easiest 20 milers I’ve done. Yet today’s notable event was the lemonade stand setup by the girls of Lululemon Athletica at the turquoise roofs water stop. They were “market testing” their apparel and offered to change the shorts you were wearing for their brand. Tiffany and Elizabeth had a selection of men’s and women’s shorts to try, several colors and sizes, a changing shade to dress behind, what a deal. I said I’d do it but I was wearing a good pair that were fairly new. Elizabeth said not only would she give me the Lulus to try, but she’d just let me keep mine, too. She offered to let me keep mine in a bag from her store to pick up later, but I didn’t think I’d be back in time – so I stuffed them into the small of my back and ran with them that way.  I chose a blue pair of men’s running shorts, they are longer than I’m used to, but she said I could come to the store for free hemming or alterations. On running shorts?  This is some service!  The new ones have a zip pocket on the right leg, two regular pockets on the front, and a drawstring. They fit well and were comfortable on the remaining 12 miles I wore them, nice!  On the way back, the Lulu girls were cleaning up their area so I thanked both girls again. I collected Elizabeth’s business card, she’s the store manager. I told her I’d happily make a banner or sign for her so that in the future they could use it at events and such. I wanted to show my appreciation and let them know that I thought their efforts were amazing. I’ve been to the store and really thought their line of clothing was female only. Now I’ll revisit and see what other male products they have.

I didn’t push hard pace-wise, except for a 1 mile stretch where my “bathroom in the woods episode” allowed Chiara to get a considerable lead on me. Running at an 8:30 pace, it took some effort and time to catch up with her.  I am satisfied that my next marathon can be at a respectable time. I can also enjoy the environs I’ll be running through without the self imposed stress of having to get a certain time.  Good start to the day!

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