33mi. Today was supposed to be an exposure or re-exposure to cycling for Chiara, Stanton and Walter. Two down from that count saw Charlotte, Stanton and I leaving Jupiter at just after 7am for Bridge Rd in Tequesta. I had a sleeveless shirt on, which felt comfortable. Foolishly, I allowed my “less than bright” front light to run its batteries down. I didn’t need it today, but I will next time I go.

Stanton’s new bike looks and worked well. We saw a very large group at Marcinski Rd, but we didn’t join them. We did catch and line up with Erica and Marty, who were going further than us, they were turning around at Sandsprit Park. I did a good pull for maybe 8 miles to Bridge Rd, I tried to keep my cadence around 92 rpms, which with a breeze behind me set our speed slightly over 22 mph. We ate a snack at the Bridge Rd park, then headed back. Less than 2 mies into the return, PLINK! A spoke on Charlotte’s bike popped, forcing her rear wheel to bend and slap against the brake calipers. I had the multitool spoke wrench with me, so I loosened some spokes on the opposing side and set the brakes to lose as well.  This allowed her to ride and still have some braking capabilities. Into the wind we were slow – but it was time in the seat pedaling, so  I was glad!  I should ride more, at least once a week. The best results came when I did 2 rides per week, let’s see if the weather and change into spring and summer will allow my schedule to do that.

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