CSI Riviera Beach

8mi. I arrived on time, my time that is, right before 5am. Only Jon was there running before I began, I saw him when I drove up the bridge. It was 56 degrees and a good sustained wind directly form the west. I wore a t-shirt and my finger gloves, my first lap over the bridge was a little cold, but I adjusted quickly. Scott Hicks joined me today for 5 1/2 laps, it sure beats running alone like usual. I felt good, I probably ran faster than I would have alone, Scott’s to blame for that.  Some of Dave Reback’s daughters were there, as were Gary, Atilla, , Marty, Teresa O. with her friend and Randi Garvey.  Jon asked me at the top of the bridge if I had seen the police this morning. I didn’t know what he was referring to, until he said earlier this morning he found a handgun in the street at the top of the bridge! Hey, 4 or 5 years into this Tuesday bridge running, I’ve seen plenty of flashing lights, police, border patrol, PBC Sheriffs cars, but weapons – this is a first. I guess it gives new meaning to the term “gun lap”.

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