Is it 6 am yet?

6 miles We get to the high school earlier than 6 am now, the new "plan" is to arrive at 5:45 am, park near the entrance gate, and do the warmup jog on Alton. That worked today, I ran with Gary and Seth for a little over a mile. When the guard arrived (a tad … Continue reading Is it 6 am yet?

Miami Marathon 2018

26.2  Of all the things I could have been concerned with, a stomach issue late in the day wasn't on the list. I remember an old guy running next to me near the half/full split, asking if I was going to continue on to finish the full marathon. After answering "Yes" he harped all over sharing … Continue reading Miami Marathon 2018

2017 Miami Marathon

Our morning started out uneventful. The Hilton is a good place for us to stay, I was rooming with Jeff Zern from Arkansas. A few other pacers were waiting for us in the lobby, they knew I was local and could lead them to a good parking spot under the American Airlines Arena. Seriously, how … Continue reading 2017 Miami Marathon

Miami Marathon 2016

A chilly start - but very successful day! My time was 3:49:34, very close to a perfect pacing day. Let's start with the expo... The expo was in a new location this year, Mana Wynwood, the artist's community of Miami. Parking wasn't difficult since I was on for the first shift. I'm glad I left … Continue reading Miami Marathon 2016

Made for me

8mi. It's every two weeks that I choose to do uphill sprints for the final three miles of my bridge run. Well, the downhills count, also, so it's 1 mile of warmup, 3 miles of regular hill running, and 6 sprints up with recovery jog coming back down. This was the day to do it! … Continue reading Made for me

Last one of the year…

5mi. Still barely December, still high 70s in the early morning! Marty, Franci, Paul and Seth where the early ones today. Not a large group for the last track speed workout of 2015. Paul said he was sweating after one warmup lap -  he later joked that, "The end times are near" since we haven't … Continue reading Last one of the year…

Lifetime Miami Marathon 2014

Pacing for the 4:10 group...Originally scheduled to be in the 4:00 group, two days before the race we receive notice that due to expected heat, we will start the pacing groups ten minutes slower. Ok, I did 4:10 last year, I'll do it better this time! I used the Skechers Ultra shoe this race. I … Continue reading Lifetime Miami Marathon 2014

ING Miami Marathon

The last time I ran a marathon in Miami, it was 2004. ING wasn't a sponsor. The race was maybe slightly larger than Palm Beach's marathon. That means 600-800 marathon runners, and 2500 half marathoners. The rain blew in at mile 16 that year, yielding some crazy conditions that included sidewards rain and wind squalls … Continue reading ING Miami Marathon