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Made for me

8mi. It’s every two weeks that I choose to do uphill sprints for the final three miles of my bridge run. Well, the downhills count, also, so it’s 1 mile of warmup, 3 miles of regular hill running, and 6 sprints up with recovery jog coming back down.

This was the day to do it! It was in the high 60s, first time this season – and the wind was significant and from the east. I ran up the first two sprints and definitely noticed the breeze pushing me up the hill! Once I got past the height of the palm trees, that breeze of 18-20 mph was a legitimate help as I ran the remaining four uphill sprints. It hits my legs and it empties my lungs. I know it helps!

All this was as I went through my second-ever Purium 10-day athlete cleanse. It helps, it recalibrates me, and I need all of that for the Miami Marathon pacing in less than three weeks.


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