Misty Morning for track

5mi. Today in when the "once a year runners" show up at track and tune in for the Run 4 The Pies. It was threatening rain, but I checked radar and spoke via text with Janet before committing and leaving to run. I ran from the car to the track, sloshing in more water on … Continue reading Misty Morning for track


Who knew?

6.5mi - A cool morning with a sunrise that makes people feel they are late for work. And a timed mile interval, which I hadn't done in months. I thought I was slowing, I haven't run with any person or grop consistently at the track so that lack of "competition" leads me to think I … Continue reading Who knew?

Where have you been?

5mi. Paul had a good showing today, plenty of the regulars ribbed me about not being at track lately, which spilled into others contributing that I hadn't been at the bridge on Tuesdays. This is what happens when you alter a 10-12 year habit and running schedule! Paul's intervals today had many thinking we'd be … Continue reading Where have you been?

Run 4 the Pies

4mi. 1800+ registered runners of ALL ages. 900 pies for finishers. Medals to all participants. Long ahead in the future, people will look back and ask how an event this cool was so much to so many people. It is a great race! John and I arrived just before 6:30am, in time for a good … Continue reading Run 4 the Pies