When it’s still out…

5 mi.  A good effort today – too much quinoa last night made for a very full belly, plenty of bathroom time at home and at the track prior to the running. No more of that stuff with only water and a few steamed veggies!

Steve led the group today in a very unpredictable set. John did really well again, finishing up front near Steve many times on the intervals. If he keeps this kind of training regimen, he will surprise many at Race for the Pies!

1 mile warmup jog

300m w/200m recovery
600m w/200m recovery
1000m w/200m recovery
600m w/200m recovery
300m w/200m recovery
600m w/200m recovery
1000 w/200m recovery

1 mi cooldown jog

* John and I did the cooldown barefoot on the grass and it felt great!

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