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Eat Big, Run Slow

Of course my birthday this year fell on a Monday. And I went to a restaurant and ate a nice meal and sat there for 35 minutes waiting for the check. This is not going to help the Tuesday bridge workout. And… it’s a day for hill sprints!

There were a bunch of people on the bridge this morning, I was the first one to arrive and get out of my car. Janet was already there, her husband was off so she could stay for a proper warmup and cooldown. Walter and Kathy came, only after they were stopped on Blue Heron Blvd and given a warning for speeding. Maureen and Mary arrived at the same time, we did the warm up together.

Three regular laps were ok, I felt heavy. I didn’t stay up late, but eating late will have an effect on how this run goes. I did the six hill sprints in 1:23, 1:25, 1:25, 1:27, 1:25, 1:24.

We enjoyed a great sunrise I wouldn’t have skipped this workout, even though I can feel it as Tuesday gets closer each week. It’s work!


Moon sprinting

moon8 mi. This is cool weather for May, it’s 66 degrees! I arrive and Walter, Janet, Maureen and Missy are already there. They all want to warm up for a mile before the hill running. Still high in the sky, we get to run under a near-full moon this morning. As it dips into the western horizon, it gets larger and turns a darker tan then almost brown.

I run the first three hill miles with Janet, Maureen, and Missy. We are at a good pace, enjoying the slight breeze from the west. Mary Monks joins us, and once we finish the hills we start the first of 6 sprints. It’s tough and I try to keep the same cadence going all the way to the top. It’s almost a 1/4 mile up, and takes between 1:22-1:28 to get there. Mary and Maureen do all 6 of the intervals with me, that’s great. They are seeing the difficulty level and benefits of what this would mean if done every other week.


This workout will never get any easier, it will only get faster.


Ain’t got no sole

7mi. Today was my first hill sprint day since A1A Marathon. My legs felt ready for this workout. I knew it wouldn’t be my fastest times, but I felt it was necessary to climb back and get my lungs going. I don’t have any other endurance races ahead, so I’ll concentrate on getting better at the 5k distance.

My New Balance shoes are a good choice for the shorter runs, as long as I remember to wear skinny socks. Coming down the stairs to get ready this morning, I put them on and noticed they felt good space-wise, no tightness on the width. Ok by me!

I ran the 1/2 mile warm up, did 3 miles of regular hills, 6 sprints up and recovery jogs down, and a 1/2 miles cool down.

When I took them off at home, I noticed they had no insoles! Not the stock “mousepad” flat ones they come with or the arch inserts I use. Maybe that’s why I had so much room inside them – and felt a sore outer right foot during and after the run. Jeez…

Cooler is relative

7.5mi. I would have thought four days shy of October that maybe I’d be experiencing better morning run weather.

Not yet!

I arrived when Teresa’s car full of Abacoa runners pulled up. We ran a warmup lap in the parking lot, then went for the bridge. I did 3 laps with the girls, then the hill sprints. I felt good on #1, 2, 4 and 6. I can catch myself not keeping a strong pace. I try to keep the rhythm of my feet to the same beat count all the way up the hill. I guess it takes me approximately 1:20 each time to get to the top.

Again today we had not moving air. The discussion was about Chicago Marathon and the folks from our area that did Augusta and Chattanooga over the weekend.

Tropical Storm Colin

7.5 mi This storm turned out to be a big nothing for our area of South Florida. Yes we had wind, not much rain at all. I was sure to check the radar before making the drive, it looked ok enough to commit to bridge running with sprints.

When I arrived, no other runners were active on the hill or in the parking lot. I did two slow warmup loops and then headed for the hill with Steve and Mary Monks. My three over and back loops were slow but with good conversation about their Echo Half Marathon in Sanford, FL last weekend.

I did the six sprints up the hill alone, with Keith performing a similar workout a few laps behind me. It was very windy and super humid this week. I was glad to have leaned into this workout, I need to keep speed high as I recover almost completely from the plantar-related foot injury I’ve had.

TS Colin

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