Moon sprinting

moon8 mi. This is cool weather for May, it’s 66 degrees! I arrive and Walter, Janet, Maureen and Missy are already there. They all want to warm up for a mile before the hill running. Still high in the sky, we get to run under a near-full moon this morning. As it dips into the western horizon, it gets larger and turns a darker tan then almost brown.

I run the first three hill miles with Janet, Maureen, and Missy. We are at a good pace, enjoying the slight breeze from the west. Mary Monks joins us, and once we finish the hills we start the first of 6 sprints. It’s tough and I try to keep the same cadence going all the way to the top. It’s almost a 1/4 mile up, and takes between 1:22-1:28 to get there. Mary and Maureen do all 6 of the intervals with me, that’s great. They are seeing the difficulty level and benefits of what this would mean if done every other week.


This workout will never get any easier, it will only get faster.


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