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Solo riding

30 mi. I am in a habit now of going for the loop to the Jupiter Lighthouse and back on a Sunday morning. It’s calm with any wind coming from the northeast. I don’t run alone much, this is the “time in my head” reflective hour plus I get to myself. I am not going too fast, my ride average figuring in traffic light stops is 18.7 mph. I enjoy the route!

I met Paul and Sue French at the US-1 bridge when the gates went down. I stopped and chatted with them and rode to the Inlet for a snack. It’s an oatmeal large gel-like thing, a sample I’ve received from a race. I make no special effort to go faster on the way home, it’s the beach road to US-1 and then to Northlake and home. Riding west on Northlake is now an against a breeze experience. I finish up for the reward of a big veggie stuffed omelet.

I enjoy the riding solo when I can sift through ideas and sort things out.



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