Ain’t got no sole

7mi. Today was my first hill sprint day since A1A Marathon. My legs felt ready for this workout. I knew it wouldn’t be my fastest times, but I felt it was necessary to climb back and get my lungs going. I don’t have any other endurance races ahead, so I’ll concentrate on getting better at the 5k distance.

My New Balance shoes are a good choice for the shorter runs, as long as I remember to wear skinny socks. Coming down the stairs to get ready this morning, I put them on and noticed they felt good space-wise, no tightness on the width. Ok by me!

I ran the 1/2 mile warm up, did 3 miles of regular hills, 6 sprints up and recovery jogs down, and a 1/2 miles cool down.

When I took them off at home, I noticed they had no insoles! Not the stock “mousepad” flat ones they come with or the arch inserts I use. Maybe that’s why I had so much room inside them – and felt a sore outer right foot during and after the run. Jeez…

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