7.5 mi. It’s not uncommon to have windy runs at the bridge. Many times when I run sprints, I am fortunate to get a wind from the east to “push” me up the hill.

Today was different. I did the mile warmup and ran the bridge with Mary Monks. She was doing 10 miles in training for Boston. It was REALLY windy, more than the advertised 15mph. We had to concentrate and barely speak to each other heading up the windy side. Paul and Franci opted to just run up the one side wind-aided, and down into the breeze for their laps. We had Alan Hess and Gary Walk with us for some of the laps.

A lady found an iPod (looked like an iPhone) on the sidewalk. I took it home thinking it was from Teresa, Kathy, Janet or Missy. I contacted the owner and met “Janie93” at Starbucks in WPB off Palm Beach Lakes Blvd to return the device.

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