Cooler, yes.

4 mi. When Paul said Tuesday's workout at the bridge was a "break" in the weather, I disagreed. This morning was the break. A breezeless full "harvest moon" morning at Reback Field. Lanae came back for her first workout since July before Switzerland. It was cooler but everyone knew it would feel sticky and warm … Continue reading Cooler, yes.

Ironman Switzerland 2013

2.4 mi swim/112 mi bike/26 mi run. For every oval sticker on the back of a car, for every red logo tattoo on the back of a calf muscle, there's a story. These are things I recall from yesterday, only 12 hours from my finish. Instead of crafting the thoughts into a chronological listing - … Continue reading Ironman Switzerland 2013

Post race hills – yup!

8 mi. Having run Disney just two days ago, this was another example of feeling good and coming for the Tuesday bridge run. My legs were not 100%, but I didn't have the soreness and limited stride I used to experience with marathon recovery runs. I ran two laps with John and Lanae, John then … Continue reading Post race hills – yup!

Bricks are tough recovery!

60mi ride/6mi run  Starting at 6am were Lisa Reiss, Lanae, Scott Simpson and I. We were caught by Teresa and Joe by the RR tracks near Port Salerno. I had my Nite Rider helmet light and a few flashers since our first 45-60 minutes were in the dark. Scott pulls well, I followed more than … Continue reading Bricks are tough recovery!