Glass-of-Water-123 miles I came with the intent of running 18-20 miles, not burning up too much of my day. Lanae had plans to cover 24 miles, then go to work. She would be a part if not all of my run. We began almost missing each other at the TRS store. I sent a text saying I was at the bridge, meaning coming over it and very close. Lanae ran to the bridge thinking I was standing or running there. We ran south to PGA and up again, stopping at French Connection for a bathroom break. It was warm and breezy from the southeast. We missed running with the small TRS store run group, the Singer Island Triathlon was also happening, that diluted our crowd down to less than 20 runners. We caught a few of them running up the beach road, then saw the first lead men on the Jupiter Inlet Drive. Kara and Megan we the first girls running back, our quick stop for restroom and water included quick talks with Nicole Rice and Micahel Papa. I didn’t bring any gel or drinks, because today I wanted to allow myself to finish the run with only water. I know I’d go better and feel better afterwards had I brought salt pills and gels, but this training was about pressing myself into action even when things didn’t feel good or as they should. I didn’t have any stomach pains or stitches, I was good knowing where we were and how long I had left. On the run back heading south, Lanae said she’d be going down to PGA again and that would finish her run. I said I’d go along for that length, basically committing me to her run distance minus one mile. Dave C. joined us late, parking at Carlin Park and running to the Inlet and down to Marcinski and back to his car. We kept a good sub 8 min pace heading south, stopping for water at shower stations and the Donald Ross table. We ran south again to Juno Beach, but now the sun was up and out. We stopped a few times today at Kamen Park, now twice more for the fountain and brief rest. We went along the new sidewalk to PGA Blvd, crossed the street and ran north. Stopping at KrankIt for their cold fountain was worth it, we enjoyed seeing Kendall start her 8:30am class of spinners. Further north, we felt it was getting warmer but our pace was still good. Lanae said our final three miles were 7:39, 7:39, 7:21. The final mile was upa nd down the Donald Ross drawbridge hill. Running back from that to Dunkin Donuts is always a bear – sun right in your face and it’s hot out!

The idea to go with no fuel was ok, I was happy to finish depleted and drive back home to get food. I ate a Protandim, had cereal and showered off. I should remember Body Glide for long runs. My arms and some legs around the bottom of the shorts were chafing. And those spots feel hot once the shower took hold…  Good day emptying the tank on familiar roads.

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