Feeling like I have to be fast

2000 yards Summer hours? Yes! I don’t have to take John to school so I can avoid rushing to and from the pool at LA Fitness. When I get notice that I have to be in for a meeting with visiting guests at a certain time, that adds some urgency to my workout. I know about how long it takes for me to do the regular 40 touches to the other side. With a time constraint, I swim faster. The pool was empty so I had no distractions. I felt good, with a sense of pep as I warmed up. It seems like lap 26 is when I get a feeling that I can go forever. This is slightly more than 1/4 of the way to the 2.4 mile IM distance. So I have a routine and the familiarity of this and distance swimming. The clear goggles keep suffering from peel off of the rubber eye gasket. I’ll be sure to have new ones for the race.

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