The bricks that work

62 mi ride, 5 mi run.  Another week of getting to the bunker before 5am, this time no buckets of rain from the sky. I had a notion of making the nutrition element of the workout the main focus. What would I eat and drink that could emulate how I should feel in a month. I packed some food in my bento box, left more in my car for the run, and fueled the water bottles with CarboPro and blue gatorade. The ride up in the dark lasted until midway through Gomez road, but I left my lights on until the turnaround. My feeling is, I can never be TOO VISIBLE for a texting driver to see. No breaks until the tiki hut, I was determined to finish this workout on time. I had the new pedals and Garneau tri shoes on, plus the Cobb seat. Seat was better, not crazy comfortable but good. Clicking into the Speedplay pedals is different than the Shimanos they have replaced.

This solo ride was never too fast, i wanted to have some run energy left. Good idea, the nutrition and strategy worked well! I came back in the light, found Susan French at the Jupiter Lighthouse traffic light and spoke with her about the upcoming trip to France to se the Tour. I went around the duck pond, by then Kathy Petrillo had joined us. I came back to my car and switched to run gear, using Clif Shot blocks and water. I forgot my salt pills at home, I think – still haven’t seen them around. It started to rain on me with a thunderstorm coming from the south. I was only 2 miles into the run, but the cool breezes and soaking rain was welcome. I know it wioll not be this stiflingly hot in Zurich! The running was very good, I had the control of pace and stomach “calm” I wanted. Wish that was Motivation Man, but more importantly, it will be Switzerland!

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