Breezes, bridges and banter


8mi. A great morning for mid May running. It was 73 degrees, cool for the traditionally hot “out of winter” season. There was a breeze coming out of the southwest, accompanied by many storms that were off the east coast. Apparently several runners had plenty of rain at their homes overnight – all I saw was lightning flashes without thunder or rain. I checked the radar prior to running ans saw no close threats of thunderstorms close enough to stop me.

I started with Paul in the parking lot, he stopped quickly to get a shoe issue worked out so I was alone in less than 100 yards. Joe came and caught up to me, we ran the warmup and all 6 miles of hills together. Lanae ran our last two laps with us, sometimes we had John and Matt K. running our pace behind us. This pushed our pace above what we would have done normally, I don’t mind that too much, a good dash up and down the hills feels good. It was a departure from what I had experienced on the bridge leading up to and since Boston. Most of my runs were solo and  most were not on cool breezy mornings. I miss my “group,” I don’t have Walter, Charlotte or Chiara to run with early on Tuesdays. The people are changing, I can blend in, start a new group and pass on enthusiasm and ideas to others. I’m staying put.

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