Mix up more and I’ll do it.

3mi run/50mi bike. Erica, cleared to run more than the 10 minutes last weekend gave her, wanted to meet at 6am, run 25 minutes and then ride to Sandsprit Park. I planned on riding from my house and then doing another longer ride Sunday, but why not, I’ll try this workout. She wanted to swim in the flat sea afterwards – I was a “maybe” on that. We ran mostly in the dark, 1.5 miles north on A1A then back south in the beginning of daylight. We saw the store runners heading north, a small group we said, maybe a race or something occupied a few schedules this morning?

We rode to just north of Circle K and Erica’s front tire went flat. She had a tube, I had a CO2 cartridge, so a brief delay to fix that and we were rolling again. A relaxed speed and wet roads saw us being careful at the bridges and ride next to each other most of the way to Bridge Road. We rode single file at less than 20 mph down Gomez Rd, then onto the new “bike path” that should keep riders safe and on the east side of the RR tracks. It was a newly paved cement path with 90 degree turns, a few slow leisure riders and walkers. I don’t think I’d choose that route anymore, we are usually moving quick and safe on Dixie Highway as early as we ride. A quick zip through Port salerno and we were at Sandsprit Park. I ate a Cliff Bar and filled more Carbo Pro and choc powder into my water bottle. Chiara called me and I wasn’t able to pickup… I sent her a text in reply then pedalled away. I thought!

20130520-140724.jpg This is some of what my back was texting her during my ride home… Good thing it wasn’t anyone waiting for a serious reply from me! I don’t know how to generate those special characters with my fingers, no clue how I did it “butt dialing” style.

The ride home was into an increasing wind. We alternated some pulling and stayed at the same speeds we hit coming up. There are defintiely more cars on the road Saturday mornings than on Sunday. Once back at Loggerhead Park, Erica said she was going to swim, I chose to bail out on that idea and head home for breakfast with John. Erica called me on my drive home to say that she wasn’t going to swim, yellow caution flags and a known wild rip current at the Loggerhead stairs was enough to have her pass. So I missed nothing!

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