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I dare you to think it…

4 mi. Track with a faster group of guys than usual. Only one gal came to run, Randi. I ran the warmup with Seth Kaufman, discussing his entry to sprint triathlons and summer race dates we both had planned. We both agreed – the warmup jog mile doesn’t really seem to warm you up for anything, the first real interval assigned is my lung and leg wakeup. As we finished the jog, I said, “watch we’ll start with a fast 1200m or something…”

Paul lined us up and said that today we’ll begin with a mile. I’m not sure if Seth heard me say – “Told ya!” but others did. I definitely didn’t guess a 1600 first…

1 mi warmup
1600m w/200m recovery
1200m w/200m recovery
800m w/200m recovery
300m w/100m recovery
300m w/100m recovery
300m w/100m recovery
300m w/100m recovery

There are about 7 people running faster than I am each week. Good incentive to stay interested and keep coming to the morning workouts, especially now that the summer “school’s out” time is near!


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