Low attendance for the leader

5 miles NOT any cooler nor was there a breeze today. I was the first one around the loop today, no Steve, James or Seth. I felt good, timing the intervals and resetting before the start of each one. I spun a 1:18 400m, the rest were good considering I didn't have a person to … Continue reading Low attendance for the leader


I dare you to think it…

4 mi. Track with a faster group of guys than usual. Only one gal came to run, Randi. I ran the warmup with Seth Kaufman, discussing his entry to sprint triathlons and summer race dates we both had planned. We both agreed - the warmup jog mile doesn't really seem to warm you up for … Continue reading I dare you to think it…

Slow day to run fast

5mi. On what Thursday do we only have 12 people line up to run Paul's track workout? I stayed behind Erica on most intervals, surging to stay with the four fast guys on the 300 meter dashes. 1000m w/200m recovery 500m w/200m recovery 400m w/100m recovery 400m w/100m recovery 400m w/100m recovery 500m w/200m recovery 300m w/100m recovery 300m w/100m recovery … Continue reading Slow day to run fast