Light the way

Sunrise and the early runs - Dave Masterson7.5mi. It’s changing seasons to summer and longer days. Which means when I finish running, I get the beginnings of a sunrise and once I’m home, I see good views across the lake in my neighborhood. I ran the whole time with Joe, who arrived when I did and stayed with me to talk even as I skipped out of line after mile 34 to visit the bathroom. This “detour” had me only run one cool down lap instead  of two. Only a few other runners came today, no girls on the sidewalk, Gary, John, Paul,a nd two other guys. Once the summer breaks and school is out, I bet more people will show up to practice hills, even though marathon seasonis off. The Singer Island Triathlon is June 22, so I’m guessing people will start showing up to practice the hill maybe two weeks before that event. I like the brief period when the sun shines as I get home. A good start to a Tuesday, I look forward to an even more relaxed pace of scheduling once school is out…

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