2000 yards. Those comfy padded goggles found a way to dig right into my nose today. The first two laps had one eye leaking, and the plastic on that side for the first time was poking into my nose. Not terrible, it beats some big guy’s foot crashing into my face, so i’ll write it into my training as knowing what uncomfortable feels like. And still continuing to swim!

So beyond that, same number of laps, about the same time to do them, more thinking about the upcoming races. I have such a good sense of visualization, even for places I haven’t raced. I think it comes from BMX. I never knew what a far-away trcak would have for a layout, jumps, turns, etc. So I’d conjure up in my mind what it would feel like to get a good start, ride smoothly and do well. I’d also do this for BMX jumping, envisioning what I’d look like through the process and then landing. It works. I see race car drivers do this and skiers that know their course well using the same exercise. I see myself digging through the smooth waters of Lake Zurich, out there for less time than I prepapre for due to drafting and a wetsuit. Yes I do!

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