Tiring, but that’s the point

2000 yards. The routine of swimming and the counting of my laps is ok. Whe I get in the pool, it’s cold at first but I don’t feel that once I start seeing how far along the known markers on the wall my strokes take me. I know it’s necessary to condition myself to swim mindlessly for awhile in order to get out of the water and do the race downtown in three weeks and in Switzerland in July. I’m not always focused on swim thoughts, today I reviewed what I did over the weekend, two brick ride/run workouts. I will be going through some IM nutritional data in spare time now to see what ideas ring a bell with how I already know I’ve fueled myself in long events. Maybe I’ll use the well-padded clear Speedo goggles, that would be good. I’m thinking of bringing my sleeveless westuit to Zurich instead of renting one that restricts my arms. I’ll be moving, so the cold shouldn’t be much of a bother. The freedom of moving my arms for 2+ miles of swimming is more important. If I change my mind, I can rent, sample and use a suit at the race.

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