Early test for half the marbles

59 mi ride/5 mi run  These brick workouts on beautiful days are great. I know step #1 is the Motivation Man Triathlon in 3 weeks, so I have to be used to the “cycle, hop off, run fast in the heat” reality. I started with Suzanne and Sal just after 5:15am, we rode with headlights most of the way to Dixie Hwy in the dark. We didn’t think to try the new path that leads from Loblolly Rd to the VFW bldg. Using this cut thru in the future means less exposure to wind, no crossing the tracks and potentially a safer ride. Next time.

We didn’t stop at Sandsprit Park, we rode straight to the Tiki Hut, a bathroom break and refill of some water and powders. I brought CarboPro and chocolate whey protein in a ziplock to keep the potion going in the refill bottles. I ate a PowerBar and a Clif Bar, too while stopped. Suzanne and Sal rode more loops of the bridges to equal 100 miles, I turned back for home to get near 60 miles done for my ride. My solo ride home was into an increasing wind from the west/southwest. I saw my mph drop from 20-19-18 and finally on the last bits of Jupiter Island, I was in the embarassingly low 17s. Breeezy, yes, but I was losing steam and moving all over my seat looking for comfort. Not good at mile 50 when I will be doing this for 112 for real in July. I came back along the beach road after being stopped at the Jupiter US-1 drawbridge. I really felt sapped of energy, all along wondering how I’d be ready for a race like this in 3 weeks. I put the bike away and Marcinski Road and ran north on A1A. I saw returning bikers and Carolyn running up the road later than me. We stopped to drink and talk quickly, I gave her the “90s dance playlist” tip for Songza to keep her run vibe going. I forgot to put sunscreen on again at the car, so runningback south from Carlin Park I chose to hide in the shade of the sea grape trees whenever I could. Not even running felt good, I was tired and any pain felt amplified, quads, left footbed and breath. I made it back with an ok time for the 5 miles, but I was very glad to be done. I met Anita, Erin, Carolyn and another cyclist Anita knew named Ben at DD after.

blood donation before exercise dave masterson

I don’t know when I realized that the probable reason for a decayed performance was that I donated blood at 6:30pm last night. John and I went to Gander Mountain and saw a car show, dogs for adoption and the blood mobile. They say not to smoke for 4 hours or exert yourself for 24 after giving a pint. I drank some fluids as recommended, but again proved that training so soon after giving 1/6 of your supply away doesn’t make for good results. I’ll shine the positive light on it, I did a good distance brick workout with specific training on what it feels like to “keep going” when the depletion feeling sets in. Low on blood/blood suger means you are affected quicker by exertion. Not any nutritional strategy could save me from that today!

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