Skip the run

46mi ride/1 mi run. I know I need to be pedalling more than running in prep for this summer’s two distance triathlons. So I left the house at 6am, lights on and heading north. I knew a ride to Hobe Sound would have me doing more than 40 miles, then I’d jog around the neighborhood to press the leg muscles into different service once back home. I rode Northlake Blvd to Military Trail, all the way to indiantown Road. Then I went east on Indiantown to Alt A1A, over the bridge and onto Jupiter Island. I stopped at Bridge Rd for a quick pee break, then

bridge road sunrise Dave Masterson brick training ride

I took the picture seen here. I returned back south on the island, hopping over to ride the beach road home. I thought I’d see some of the runners and I was correct. Spinning south I saw Suzanne and a few other people in their final miles. I passed Donald Ross Rd and went south to US-1, then Further south to PGA. Erin beeped at me from the PGA light, I didn’t know it was her then, but she told me she saw me riding later on Sunday. I went back home past the mall, St Mark’s school and Military trail. A quick 1 mile jog around the neighborhood lake made for a good Saturday training sesh. I need more of these…


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