Ironman Switzerland 2013

2.4 mi swim/112 mi bike/26 mi run. For every oval sticker on the back of a car, for every red logo tattoo on the back of a calf muscle, there's a story. These are things I recall from yesterday, only 12 hours from my finish. Instead of crafting the thoughts into a chronological listing - … Continue reading Ironman Switzerland 2013

Early test for half the marbles

59 mi ride/5 mi run ┬áThese brick workouts on beautiful days are great. I know step #1 is the Motivation Man Triathlon in 3 weeks, so I have to be used to the "cycle, hop off, run fast in the heat" reality. I started with Suzanne and Sal just after 5:15am, we rode with headlights … Continue reading Early test for half the marbles