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Before sunrise

5mi. A warm and sticky day with a “sometimes” breeze from the east. About 12 people on the track, I followed Seth and a high school runner on most intervals. Probably less effort than last week, I wasn’t going to catch Seth but I wasn’t in danger of being chased down, either. I forgot my watch, but so did Paul, so it was an unwitnessed sin.

1 mi warmup jog

400m w/200m recovery
500m w/200m recovery
500m w/200m recovery
600m w/200m recovery
400m w/200m recovery
500m w/200m recovery
500m w/200m recovery
400m w/200m recovery

1 mi cooldown jog


Doing the work

7.5 mi Good bridge running and chatting with Jen Q and Jen K. Teresa is pregnant, so she doesn’t come to the early run this morning. I hoped Suzanne would show up, but no go. Some of the laps are breezy going west, and stale coming back. The daylight savings thing has my entire run occur in the dark. I liked seeing the sunrise over the Atlantic, who knows how many months it will be ’til I see that again…

8 hills

8.5 miles. A good start with Jen and Jen, one recovering from her first Loggerhead Tri, the other in final prep mode for the Pike’s Peak half marathon. Regina Goolsby came for her first time, she had just done the Siesta Key tri last Saturday. John didn’t run today, he stayed up and out later with the Ultimate Frisbee kids at Chipotle.

Following the warmup in the parking lot, we did 6 miles of brisk paced hills. My final two hills were run with Suzanne, yapping about as we do.

Light the way

Sunrise and the early runs - Dave Masterson7.5mi. It’s changing seasons to summer and longer days. Which means when I finish running, I get the beginnings of a sunrise and once I’m home, I see good views across the lake in my neighborhood. I ran the whole time with Joe, who arrived when I did and stayed with me to talk even as I skipped out of line after mile 34 to visit the bathroom. This “detour” had me only run one cool down lap instead  of two. Only a few other runners came today, no girls on the sidewalk, Gary, John, Paul,a nd two other guys. Once the summer breaks and school is out, I bet more people will show up to practice hills, even though marathon seasonis off. The Singer Island Triathlon is June 22, so I’m guessing people will start showing up to practice the hill maybe two weeks before that event. I like the brief period when the sun shines as I get home. A good start to a Tuesday, I look forward to an even more relaxed pace of scheduling once school is out…

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