Bricks are tough recovery!

60mi ride/6mi run  Starting at 6am were Lisa Reiss, Lanae, Scott Simpson and I. We were caught by Teresa and Joe by the RR tracks near Port Salerno. I had my Nite Rider helmet light and a few flashers since our first 45-60 minutes were in the dark. Scott pulls well, I followed more than usual on the way up, thinking recovery would be best served in the paceline not always leading it. We stopped at the Tiki hut, freshly equipped with a new big screen TV set on SportsCenter – conveniently facing the outdoor area. Lisa and Scott chose to ride more, as a group of four, Joe, Lanae, Teresa and I headed home with a crosswind from the east. Once back at Loggerhead park, I ran 6 miles at approx 8 min pace with Lanae. The offshore powerboat races were happening along Juno Beach, so parking and crowds were hectic. It also got warm past 10am. I wasn’t planning on doing all of this as a workout, but I was glad Lanae suggested it. I’m usually game to try everyone else’s long day in the sun!


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