Ten miles is now recovery

10mi. I really did 12mi, a quick up and down the bridge with Suzanne since we arrived at 5:30am. I ran the store loop with Walter, getting his take on Steve’s Vegas wedding and his travels since. It again is dark so long into the run! No speed at all today, I was glad to spend time on my toes loosening up the legs and feet from the race last weekend. I couldn’t have done well in a race today, I am definitely fatigued. The idea to drive to Clermont after running today to see the Ironman finishers was floated, Walter and Teresa were planning it. I said yes to this offer, I’ve never seen an IM race setup beofre, and Clermont is only 2.5 hrs away. It was good to witness Jen Davis, Chip Clifton, Kayla Howell, Matt & Julie Goforth finish their goals set many months ago.


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