Bridge after race (again!)

5mi. Today was an important workout. The how-to recover from a marathon for me includes doing this Tuesday run to loosen up whatever was stiff and creaky, vs. allow my legs to be bound up for the rest of the week. I did receive an IV after the race, which restores lost fluids in a hurry instead of waiting for my body to produce its own.

A new thing I noticed was the difference of running up and down the hill. Going up, all was good, only my swollen toes on the right foot were feeling cramped in the shoes. Coming down, I noticed how my sore thighs felt worked. The front of my legs were more susceptible to soreness on the downhill portions – which makes sense. When I ran Boston and the Green River marathons, the front of my legs needed to be strong. They were. If any cramping was present, it was on the back of my legs, the lower portion = calves or achilles area.

I ran 4 bridge mile repeats and one mile of warmup, no cooldown effort this time.

~ dm

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