Add it in now

2000 yards.  Before I trick myself into thinking I’m getting good, I have to really start kicking as a part of the workouts. So the workout delivered the requirements, kicking as part of every piece of the main set.  Perfect weather, no rush, and my final day at Lake Lytal pool for a month while the surface deck is made nicer (hopefully) in the next few weeks.  Paul Reback says that all good kickers are good swimmers, so that is enough of a clue to get me going at this.

Warmup Set (200y)
2 x 100 [odds free, evens non-free] @ 0:15 rest

Main Set (1500y)
12 x 125 [100 swim/25 kick] @ 2:50

Warmdown Set (300y)
2 x 150 (50 easy/50 moderate/25 kick easy/25 kick hard) @ 0:15 rest

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