Mini brick workout

29 mi ride/4 mi run - Walter and I left Loggerhead park at 12:40pm  It was a great afternoon to ride, mid 70s and sunny.  I used generous amounts of sunscreen, brought one Clif Bar and one water bottle.  The breeze was from the Northeast and wasn't a big deal in either direction, but it felt … Continue reading Mini brick workout

Two a week feels right.

2000 yards Short course setup is back, Walter came along again and the weather was enviably perfect. JOhn brother in law sent a picture of the Bethpage house buried in snow and the promise that he is moving into the guest house.  I felt very good swimming, trying to do the late release of air … Continue reading Two a week feels right.

Runs of unexpected length ahead.

22.5 mi Starting at 4:30am, Charlotte and I did the Jupiter Island circuit run. I felt warm enough to go shirtless, but mist, fog and a breeze from the Northwest gave me something to think about once we turned around on the island.  Coral Cove park restrooms are locked early am.  I felt good for … Continue reading Runs of unexpected length ahead.