The moon and the bridge

8 mi. I arrived at just before 5am, most of the moon was out and bright.  It was a deceptive 61 degrees at my house when I left, and 67 degrees at the Phil Foster Parking lot.  I really had to think about this run, I felt apprehensive like I had an early morning flight.  I kept waking up and checking the clock over and over through the night.  I felt good warming up, I wore a white t-shirt and blinking light, I didn’t remember to bring my Road ID.  At first, I saw Carolyn running on the sidewalk, then Teresa and Missy on the sidewalk, by the time I had completed 5 laps, Lily was looking to avoid weird strays and have someone to run with.  I ran with her only 1 lap then did a 2 lap cool down with Scott H and Carolyn.  Scott ran the long way around Singer Island, so he was at mile #9.  By the end of the run I had seen the moon dip into a set of clouds that made it look cut in half, then emerge below the clouds to it’s full size.  It was a bronze color and looked great pressing down below the western horizon.


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